Tuesday, January 13, 2009

False Advertising

This is very random, but I guess most posts are random....and this has just been on my mind lately. I completely love looking at my friends (and their friends) blogs! I think that they are so fun and exciting, sometimes even enlightning! But I have noticed a trend among the blogs of expectant mothers. The "BABY TICKER" I think that this is an exciting and clever way to actually see and put into numbers the progress that baby and mom are making! And I completely love to see the content of the posts in relation to the number of weeks the mother is in her pregnancy...funny how the early weeks are being sick and tired...middle weeks are cleaning and sleeping...later weeks are just expressing their desire to be done...and trying really hard to be nice to those around her...This is so neat to see, but when I see the baby tickers, more specifically the one on my best friends blog, it says that she has 22 days left and you see this sweet little fully developed baby floating peacefully around enjoing the ample space to turn this way and that. I say that this is false advertising and I feel really bad for those expectant mothers. Because any woman who has 22 days to go in her pregnancy knows that there are only frequent trips to the bathroom as a result of the baby trying to jam it's fist into your bladder...and bruises on your ribs as a result of the future soccer player practicing it's game winning kicks. To me, nothing is graceful or peaceful about having 22 days to go. So to my friends and family who are expecting, Keep up the good work! It will all be over before you know it! I used to be baby hungry when my friends were in their "middle months." I now am SOOOO NOT baby hungry.


K and T Gardner said...

Thanks! It's funny how those make pregnancy look so appealing, even sometimes looking at someone's nice round tummy can be appealing too. Luckily I feel like my pregnancy won't be much longer, I talked to the doctor today and he doesn't seem to object to me going sometime soon, even inducing if I have to. So I just have to get through 1 1/2 weeks and maybe I'll have a sweet baby! I'm glad to know that talking to me has made you not so hungry :)

Katy said...

Hahaha!!! Oh that was too funny and I totally agree with you! You have a great blog and it's got tons of cute ideas that I need to glean off you!!

Emily K. said...

I would have to agree with you, being a fellow pregnant woman. It's sooo not all nice, but blogs can be very deceiving. Smiling, well-behaved children, happy couples with no marital discord, etc. We put on our best face, I guess. The true friends and family know the real story, and I guess that's what counts. Go on, and have a 3rd! I did it, and I actually think I might survive the pregnancy. (I wondered at first.)