Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holy crap!

We totally bought a house today!
The rainbow house is officially ours!
We're not sure when we're moving, I guess it's just going to be a few boxes at a time until we're ready for the big stuff. I'll give you an update as soon as we have one!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

It all started when my sister went to Hawaii without her three children....we got take care of them for the week. I decided the best way to approach this (as drama free as possible) is to make a list and check them off as we go. They all had something to look forward to every day. Above is the day after they got here! Here we have the group preparing to dye Easter Eggs. WAY FUN!!! We jammed out to Bronwyn's (my niece) iPod....which included Alvin and the Chipmunks: Witch Doctor and Hannah Montana....AWESOME!
Below is later in the day when mom held a neighborhood easter egg hunt! These were just the family that was in town...there were at least that many more neighborhood kids! This was just before the hunt started. What an EGGSellent afternoon!

Remember what I said above...Drama free...well leave it to our little red headed DIVA to add the dramatic flair through my make-up. This has happened before, but never this bad and this time I wasn't ridiculously mad at her. Yeah, it's all over her body...sigh...
Here we have the imagination of an eleven year old running wild in the basement! Will flopped a mattress over the love seat and the kids played on "the slide" for hours!!! They had soooo much fun until....dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn.....
....Lizzie's head hurt Dillon's belly....Really Dillon plowed into little Lizzie and he didn't want to get in trouble for it...Lizzie was really hurt..Dill wasn't. I called Dill a faker and he said...(in his wailing cries) "I am not a faker Brittany!!!, (pointing to his tears) Look at these tears! These are REAL!!! I died laughing! Again I say, fairly drama free.
Next came the castle at the rec center! These kids had so much stinking fun bashing eachother with the blocks...stuffing the blocks up the slide...building castles...knocking them down....running and screaming and listening to their own echoes! Meanwhile I just chatted with one of my best friends...trying to figure out if I could take a hunter's safety class with her! She's so funny...I could probably chat with her all day if given the chance!
Off to the big surprise of the day!!!! This was soooooo not on the list! But I was truely inspired by another one of my best friends' blog to go bowling! It really is the best for all ages!!! We at lunch at the snack bar here and bowled an awesome game! Will lead the scoring with a whopping 111 points!!!! Go WILL!
Earlier in the week we made these stepping stones out of just plain concrete from home depot and flattened marbles...they set up and this is the result of each child's creativity. I helpped Lizzie and Jocie a bit...but it was so fun! (if you're thinking about doing it...get the concrete WITHOUT gravel)
While we were playing outside our neighbor walked by with Malcom... his HORSE of a dog. He really is as tall as Jocie...but so super nice!
This is the scene during the final night of Spring Break at Grandma's. All five children lined up under their blankies watching Shark Tale....One word comes to mind when I see this picture....
All in all it went really, really well. The kids were great, the entertainment was awesome and the memories are sweet.
And that is my adventure in babysitting!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rainbow House

A lot has happened since I last posted...and it's all happening so fast! Jared and I are now in the process of purchasing this home! WOO HOOOOOO! It's a charming little 2 bedroom one bath home with an unfinished basement that was built in 1944! But don't let the white fool you...Jocelyn and Lizzie call this their rainbow house, and for good reason!

Here is the living room! It's a good size with a gas fireplace, bay window and arched entry way...still wondering why it's called the rainbow house?
TA DUMMMMMM! Here is the obscenely pink bathroom accented with blue stripes in the tile all over a bed of red carpet. The interesting thing about this bathroom is that it is divided into a toilet room and a shower room by a sliding pocket door. There are actually two doors from the hallway that go into each room! FUNNY!!!
Next is the kitchen/dining room combo! I for one LOVE it like crazy!!! We're not changing the colors at all! Notice the retro light fixture! It's a round flourescent fixture! We will add a dishwasher eventually and maybe some more cabinets on the wall that's not pictured.
There is tile around the entire room as well as a funky green carpet. We too will change out the carpet but like I said we're leaving the tile and green paint...there's also a bay window here. So that's the big news in our family! Not much else though! Let me know what you think!