Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little old lady, Who??

Jocelyn did this all on her own! Random I know!! I don't walk around the house yodeling so I'm not sure where she learned it. The last yodel is my favorite! So funny!

Night-time Winter Wonderland!

Jared decided to shovel the sidewalk and driveway at 8:30 pm and Jocelyn wanted to go outside, so we all got dressed from head to toe and here is Lizzie before. It was our first snow play of the season! The girls seemed to have fun!Here she is after. Lizzie didn't quite know what to think of the snow at first.

Merry Christmas Jared! Thanks for shoveling!

Mom's cute little tree!

SO much Fun!!

Jocie was kicking the snow...the wind blew it right into Lizzie's face!
The Angel to the left is me and the tiny one on the right is Jocelyn's!

She's so cute!

Getting ready to go outside.

Lizzie was ready to go at this point, but we decided she needed a little more to cover her up!

Merry Christmas from the Jensens!

Jocelyn's Christmas Program

This is Jocelyn's Christmas program last week! We had so much fun and she did so good on her part! Here are Jocie and Lizzie with their cousin Byron! Sorry the pictures are so dark.After the program they got to make gingerbread houses! Jocie was way more interested in sucking the frosting straight from the tube!
Funny faces from the stage!
Sweet little kids! Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?
"Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without wreaths on the door!"
"Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without striped candy canes!"
It's moments like this that really make me a proud mom! I love you Jocie!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CriCut Christmas Cards

My sister and I went crazy over thanksgiving making cards. I didn't make very many, but here they are! Here we have Santa and Rudolph leaving the north pole during a soft winter snow. Next, we have a lovely column accented fireplace adorned with three dainty stockings ready to be filled with holiday goodies.
Following the fireplace is a cascade of colorful ornaments that reminds one that more often than not, less is more.

Coming up on this CriCut Christmas Card extravaganza is a card that should tell this CriCut owner to leave the imagination to the machine. (this one is not my favorite at all...it's supposed to be a door with a christmas wreath, but most of the time I'm just explaining what it is...sad)

And finally we have a simple yet whimsical expression reminding everyone to enjoy the sweet spirit of Christmas!

Please don't be offended if I don't send you a card...I got so overwhelmed that I only made enough for my family so I could give them school pictures of my daughters. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

We went to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway for Jana's birthday! It was so fun! I was amazed at the helicopter! Lizzie would not come out when it was time to go! She kept wanting to fly!
CHEESE! They loved riding on the life-sized horse! As Jocie puts it...Nee HAW!!!

Okay, So Lizzie looks like an orphan, but she kept pulling her ponytail out. This was them delivering mail through out the museum! So CUTE!

And Jana planting flowers with the girls! What a fun day!

Jana helped Jocie out, but it was so stinking cute!
Lizzie just turned 2 in September. We were in living in Laramie at this time so there was no huge party, but there was another creepy cake! When I was 8 my sisters made me a Barbie cake and I thought it was the best cake EVER! Barbie was way too tall, so there is a hole cut in the box and she's standing on another box inside. Gosh that was fun!

Jocelyn turned 3 in May, so these pictures are a little out dated but it was so much fun! This was my attempt at being an awesome mom! We went bowling for her birthday and I am proud to say that I made this creepy Dora cake...It looks okay from far away, but the closer you get, the scarier she gets!

Here we are!

I feel like I need to announce a huge disclaimer. I have no idea of what I'm doing on this blog or how to work it. Bear with me please.