Sunday, August 8, 2010

It always works out.....

...That whenever I get a cute family picture taken it is outdated with in weeks!!! That's right folks!!! The last post was about our cute family pictures and now we have to get a new one taken oh, around Christmas time!

I am 23 weeks pregnant and we just found out that it is a BOY!!!! We are due on December 3rd and could not be happier. I'm freaking out a little because as most of you know I don't have much exposure to boys...well...except for the 17 nephews I have. But that doesn't really count, I gave them to their mothers when their diapers needed changed!

I have a couple of names in mind...Thomas, Timothy, Noah,...I like traditional names. Ya know? Names they can grow up with. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Sorry I am lame and haven't posted for a million years. Life is full of excitement with working every day, and I am now the Young Womens President in my ward. Needless to say that I am having tons of adventures.

Also, my oldest daughter, Jocelyn will be going to Kindergarten next month and believe me...she needs it BAD!!! She has been entertaining herself lately with cutting her sisters hair...and stealing a pack of gum from the store...all within a week of eachother. I know...I have a delinquent hairdresser in the family.
Lizzie is so funny and sassy. I am a little nervous about her not being the baby of the family anymore. There will be over 4 years between her and the new little guy. sheesh....

Jared is doing great! He loves his job and working in the Young Mens Presidency. We've decided that Young Mens is his calling for life!

So thank you for being patient with me. Again, I hope this post finds you all doing well!