Monday, November 24, 2008

We went to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway for Jana's birthday! It was so fun! I was amazed at the helicopter! Lizzie would not come out when it was time to go! She kept wanting to fly!
CHEESE! They loved riding on the life-sized horse! As Jocie puts it...Nee HAW!!!

Okay, So Lizzie looks like an orphan, but she kept pulling her ponytail out. This was them delivering mail through out the museum! So CUTE!

And Jana planting flowers with the girls! What a fun day!

Jana helped Jocie out, but it was so stinking cute!
Lizzie just turned 2 in September. We were in living in Laramie at this time so there was no huge party, but there was another creepy cake! When I was 8 my sisters made me a Barbie cake and I thought it was the best cake EVER! Barbie was way too tall, so there is a hole cut in the box and she's standing on another box inside. Gosh that was fun!

Jocelyn turned 3 in May, so these pictures are a little out dated but it was so much fun! This was my attempt at being an awesome mom! We went bowling for her birthday and I am proud to say that I made this creepy Dora cake...It looks okay from far away, but the closer you get, the scarier she gets!

Here we are!

I feel like I need to announce a huge disclaimer. I have no idea of what I'm doing on this blog or how to work it. Bear with me please.