Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CriCut Christmas Cards

My sister and I went crazy over thanksgiving making cards. I didn't make very many, but here they are! Here we have Santa and Rudolph leaving the north pole during a soft winter snow. Next, we have a lovely column accented fireplace adorned with three dainty stockings ready to be filled with holiday goodies.
Following the fireplace is a cascade of colorful ornaments that reminds one that more often than not, less is more.

Coming up on this CriCut Christmas Card extravaganza is a card that should tell this CriCut owner to leave the imagination to the machine. (this one is not my favorite at all...it's supposed to be a door with a christmas wreath, but most of the time I'm just explaining what it is...sad)

And finally we have a simple yet whimsical expression reminding everyone to enjoy the sweet spirit of Christmas!

Please don't be offended if I don't send you a card...I got so overwhelmed that I only made enough for my family so I could give them school pictures of my daughters. Merry Christmas everyone!!!


K and T Gardner said...

Super cute! I am so impressed. I love the one with santa and the sleigh. You did well with your cricut. No wonder you are so proud of you cards because you should be!

Emily K. said...

So, you're a blogger too? This is your cuz, Emily. I will add you to my blog, and you can check out Holly, Natali, and my mom's. Bryan never updates his. I'm glad to have another way to keep in touch!!!

Josh and Alayna said...

Who has a cricut? I have been coveting one for weeks now! Cute cards and children. Welcome to blogging.