Sunday, September 20, 2009

Indian Summer Vacation

We decided to go up to Lander for a little camp out and it was a blast! We stayed in City Park which is free and full of grass and trees and the most wonderful playground I've ever seen! The girls loved it! Our goal of the trip was to see the Sinks and the Rise of the Popo Agie. (pronounced po po shuh) It was the most BEAUTIFUL place I had ever been to in my life! Never before have I seen such a beautiful river!

The Popo Agie just flows literally into the mountain and disappears! GORGEOUS!!!

We drove up the canyon and hiked a nice nature trail...and got to cross my first "rope bridge" ever!

Here is The Rise of the Popo Agie. This is where the water that went into the mountain up at the Sinks comes out. I think it's such a magical place! These are the most massive rainbow trout! I swear they're as big as Lizzie! Truthfully! They just swim around fat and happy! I took these pictures from a good 75 feet above the water and the fish were still huge! There are probably twice that many smaller fish on the other side of the big sand bar...breath-taking!!!

The weather was wonderful and the sights were majestic! If you've never done this before, I HIGHLY recommend it!


Kevin and Amber said...

we should have just come with you guys. it looks like you had fun and saw awesome things.

Ami Paulsen said...

That is so beautiful! Though if I'd had to cross that bridge, I probably would have popo-ed out of fear. hehe. I'm so mature.

jamminjensen said...

I really just laughed out loud. You're funny Ami.

Nate and Erin said...

Looks fun...someday we will be adventurous and just take camping trips like that. Looks like fun..

by the way...Jared can really make some goofy faces!!!haha

Allison said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I haven't even heard of that place. Family trips are great. You have a beautiful family. You're girls are so cute!

Matt and Jess said...

How beautiful!! That's such a fun family trip, that's definitely on my 'go-to' list! (Ami is pretty hilarious)